Playing with Fear DVD

2 DVD Set - Playing with Fear and Playing with Makeup (60 minutes each)

Playing with Fear

This DVD takes a look behind the makeup and the costumes at some of the people within the dark attraction industry.

This DVD includes vintage acting footage from Bloodview Haunted House located in Cleveland Ohio - a haunt these people called home for many years as members of an acting troupe called the Legion of Terror. With footage highlighting each actor's style as well as hundreds of photos showing their makeup skills, Playing with Fearis an inspiration to anyone looking to grow as an actor

Playing with Makeup

If you are looking to get better as a makeup artist, then this educational program will help you build your skills. It includes eight makeup applications:


  • Ghoul by Jeff Glatzer
  • "Old Man" #1 by Tawny Zajc
  • "Old Man" #2 by David H. Greathouse
  • "Old Man" #3 by Roger Miller and Jeff Glatzer
  • "Creep" by Geoff Beck
  • "Zombie" by Scott Sliger
  • "Headpiece" by Jeff Glatzer
  • "Witch" by Geoff Beck




Playing with Fear  DVD
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  • Manufacturer: Shutter Productions
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